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Welcome to "Teleshock 2.0"
You will learn how to perform a shocking IMPROMPTU Psychokinesis effect, where you seem to be able to control electronic devices with the power of your mind.

Ask anyone to think in a TV Channel and change it with your mind, even with the unplugged TV!

    I´ll show you methods to perform this with:  
A phone (Android or iPhone) 
Radio (like the stereo in a car, or otherwise any radio)  
 You will also be able to understand the easy impromptu method to adapt it to other electronically devices.     

No setups
No Gimmicks
No Stooges
NOTHING in you
No duplicate remote control
Totally Self-Working
100% Practical

This has so many applications that are endless and priceless and simple. I love his thinking as I am a big fan of his work .keep them coming.
Neal Scryer  

A very nice and quick impromptu effect, ​a nice thing to have in your mind when they ask you to do something.
Luca Volpe 

 Now I know why your family got scared by you.
Paolo Cavalli

Done at the right time, with a bit of showmanship, it WILL kill. 
Nefesch's subtleties cover every angle and make it impossible to backtrack. I personally use it, with a preference for the TV version.
Phedon Bilek

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